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Commission Art by Derek McCrea
Art Commissions
I love to complete lighthouse, seascape, pet portraits, old houses, log cabins, southwestern scenes, landscapes art commissions and have commissioned over 20 works in the past year alone. If you have a favorite image, barn, home, farm scene, flower, garden, location, landscape, seascape, lighthouse, beach or any subjects I work on email me an image and I will return an estimate to you.

I will make an estimate to you when you send me an image and let me know what size you would like. Sizes I usually do and their prices are as follows:
8 x 10 inches - 99 dollars
9 x 12 inches - 119 dollars
10 x 14 inches - 139 dollars
12 x 16 inches - 159 dollars
16 x 20 inches - 259 dollars
18 x 24 inches - 369 dollars
22 x 30 inches - 479 dollars
24 x 24 inches - 459 dollars
26 x 30 inches - 579 dollars
24 x 36 - 850 dollars
30 x 30 - 850 dollars
The above prices are only estimates and depend on the difficulty of the work and the amount of time it takes me.

Expected Timeline
You can expect the following-
3-5 days return of estimate 1-3 weeks completion of painting. This depends on how busy I am and I will let you know when I give you an estimate. The very first postal business day your work will be shipped out to you, insured mail through USPS.

Payment Options
I accept payment by credit card, or electronic bank transfer through and enter my email address to send a payment from there. You do not have to have a paypal account to pay someone with paypal and it is secure, simple, and rapid. Usually when someone pays me by Paypal I have their worked shipped out the same day they electronically pay. Another option is by sending check or money order to my home address. If you need my home address or phone number for shipping a payment please email me for that information.

Customer Satisfaction
I will always email you an image of a completed work. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the image their is no obligation to purchase the artwork.

Below I have posted a past examples of some of my past commissions.